Thanks for the memories

Creating Lasting Memories Since 1922

MemoriesFrom our family to yours: thank you for 99 years of “best summers ever”

For nearly a century, Cape Cod Sea Camps was well-known across the country and around the world as an exceptional summer camp. Family-owned and operated since its inception in 1922 until its closure this past year, CCSC offered a wide variety of traditional camp activities including swimming, tennis, watersports, creative and performing arts, cycling, nature, marksmanship sports, landsports, woodworking and many others. CCSC’s day and overnight camp programs welcomed countless campers over the years, and created memories we will truly cherish forever.

Together, we’ve built the world’s best camping community right here on the shores of Cape Cod Bay.

Thank you.



Group of boys runs up beach from waterBoy draws bow during summer camp archeryGirls laugh while doing pottery at summer camp



Equipment Auction

Beginning on Sunday, May 23 and ending on Tuesday, May 25, we will be hosting a silent auction featuring more than 2,000 pieces of Cape Cod Sea Camps equipment, including sailboats, power boats, maintenance equipment and more.