Mission & History

Our MissionThe Cape Cod Sea Camps Mission

For nearly a century, through personal commitment and dedicated to the development and guidance of youth, Cape Cod Sea Camps provided a unique educational environment in which individuals have fun and realize their worth and potential.

Boys roast marshmallows over firepit at summer camp

Working Philosophy

The Cape Cod Sea Camps were proudly “people places” where the program was determined by the needs of campers and talents of the staff. Everything that happened at Cape Cod Sea Camps was strongly imbued with the moral consciousness that it takes time for a child to grow and a deep conviction that camping is indeed a joyful educational experience. This experience was carefully designed to allow children the opportunity to develop all aspects of their personalities – physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional. Each child was respected as an individual and is encouraged to become sensitive to the unique aspects of humanity in others.

Group of camper stand below counselor's welcome sign
Camper gives thumbs up while walking in group


The Cape Cod Sea Camps began as Camp Monomoy for boys in 1922. Founded by Robert Delahanty (known affectionately as Captain Del), his wife, Emma Berry Delahanty and his Worcester Academy colleague, Harriman Dodd, the camp was started on a small six acre plot of land in West Harwich owned by the Dodd family. Delahanty and Dodd chose to start the camp as an opportunity to provide summer activities for their Worcester Academy students who hailed from South America and remained in the U.S. for the summer.

In 1925, Captain Del and Skipper Dodd purchased a 45-acre parcel of land in Brewster. The following summer, Monomoy welcomed 100 boys to its new location. In 1938, the Delahantys, parents of three daughters –Margaret, Frances and Berry – decided to open a sister camp for girls. A 40-acre estate called “Wild Acres,” just a  short walking distance from Camp Monomoy, was purchased and Camp Wono enjoyed its inaugural season in 1939.

With two successful overnight camps to their credit, the family started a day camp in 1965 which utilized both the Monomoy and Wono sites. A decade later, in keeping with Captain Del’s belief that “change is progress,” the camps merged into one entity on the Wono campus. Cape Cod Sea Camps went on to offer a co-educational recreational overnight camping experience for children.

In November of 2020, after 99 years of unforgettable summers, the Delahanty Family made the exceptionally difficult to permanently close Cape Cod Sea Camps.