GWK Scholarship Funds

The Grant W. Koch Scholarship Fund is a 501(c)3 charity that has played a major role in helping young deserving Cape Cod children attend camp. It is responsible for placing hundreds of Cape Cod children in ACA Accredited camps on the Cape. Participating camps include Brewster Day Camp, Cape Cod Sea Camps, Wellfleet Audubon, and Camp Mitton.

The Fund continues to grow with the help of the alumni of the Cape Cod Sea Camps and the other participating camps. With your help as the fund continues to grow, we can expand current opportunities and create new ones for deserving children to experience camp.

We know what camp can do to transform children’s lives. We started the GWK Fund because an experience like a summer at Cape Cod Sea Camps should not be restricted to the relative few who can afford it. We seek to raise a million dollars for the fund, and use the interest to send children to camp.

Please consider a gift to the Grant W. Koch Scholarship Fund.

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