Be Good, Feel Good Experiences

By: Rick "Otis" Moyer

What Tone Means For Cape Cod Sea Camps

As a long-time Camp Director, I pride myself on the culture and community that is developed each summer at Cape Cod Sea Camps. Part of my pride goes into how hard I have worked to set a positive tone, but another piece of that pride comes from how unique the culture is from season to season. Just like a sports team, each summer season brings new staff and new campers, which means it also brings a new mixture of personalities, backgrounds, and perspectives to the community. With all of these variables, it can sometimes be tricky to get everyone moving in sync for 7 weeks, but we manage to do it because I focus on our tone.

How can one little word,” Tone”, be so instrumental in determining the success of just about everything? As one of the directors at CCSC, I equate our overwhelming success to the initiatives we have put into place to make sure we deliver and promote the most positive experience for our parents, our staff and surely for our 850 different day campers that come each summer. It is my belief that if the tone is established with a positive mindset, and conducted with a positive attitude it will create an atmosphere that will always breed a successful and positive culture and caring community.

One of my most successful mantras to help cultivate the positivity at camp is our “Be Good Feel Good” initiative. My theory is that if we promote everyone at the camp to be good, kind, respectful, and/or caring to someone else then that person feels good about themselves and in turn, they will be good to another person. It is the “golden rule” but reimagined for campers and staff to grasp onto. This tone can be infectious and will help the core of the Cape Cod Sea Camps Mission spread through the camp community not only one week at a time but for the duration of the summer, and beyond. 

It is my goal to have our campers to wake up in the morning and be excited about camp. While they are at CCSC I want them to feel the positive energy and always welcomed. Be Good Feel Good works and I am proud to say I hear the term spoken many times throughout the course of the year.

Your Friend,

Rick “Otis” Moyer

Director of the Monomoy Day Camp

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