Quiet Noise at the Cape Cod Sea Camps

By: Camp Cod Sea Camps

Reflections during an evening at camp by the Cape Cod Sea Camps swim head, Melissa St.John. We all hear something, even at the quiet times during a camp day.

A poem on reflections in the evening at Camp


  • Melissa St John


Nap rest over the evening tide

Just gone out and away

With the daylight

And clanking dinner dishes

Being washed and put aside.


Twilight thoughts of tasks:

Details and deadlines,

Held just at bay

by some soft angel

Of recompense;


Just away for a brief rest,

bathed in a breeze,

swirling through

an old window screen;


Just away with the noise

of children laughing

over their fields of play;


Just away from

A song of this

Present day

Playing on a jam box

With a karaoke mic:

“You don’t know you’re beautiful”.


A basketball bounces

From its court,

Joining in the beat.


Along with a cacophony

Of home-found crows

Recalling this day’s

Feasts and feats.


There are deep voices too

From young men,


Speaking playful taunts

As young women,


Laugh and scrape their flip-flops

Along the tarmac road.


They’re walking ’round

The yard arm mast

Whose ropes and metal clips

Bang against the metal cast

holding flags that flap and wag.


All to the beat of the song

Of the present day-

Playing on a jam box

With a karaoke mic:


You don’t know you’re beautiful”.


Evening revelry blows

Flags to their rest.

And sounds fall away

As the song

Comes to its close-

Closing with the cabin doors

And voices now inside.


All but the acapella voice

Of a little girl singing

Into a jam box karaoke mic:


You don’t know you ‘re beautiful”.


You’re beautiful.

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