The Value of CCSC Bumper Stickers | Cape Cod Sea Camps

By: Nancy Garran

What does the CCSC bumper sticker mean to you?

The television ad for a car company with the phrase, “if you’re going to put a sticker on your car, it has to mean something,” highlights the ability to express ourselves by displaying slogans on our car bumpers.  The stickers can represent the support of different organizations, causes, sentiments and dreams like attending a college, a visit to a special country or town, cheering for a sports team, backing a fundraising event or your favorite summer camp.  So, what does the Cape Cod Sea Camps’ sticker on your car bumper mean?

Camp means continuing the Vision and Traditions established in 1922 by the Delahanty family to be a place where children and youth can grow, learn, and develop and find out more about themselves in an outdoor environment.

Camp focuses on creating a culture that supports the values and outcomes promoted each summer such as Independence and using the many community resources available to ask for help and guidance when experiencing a challenge. 

Camp fosters Self-Reliance by making positive choices and accepting responsibility for personal behavior without intervention from parents and furthering maturity.

Camp promotes Self-Confidence through expressing assurance in his/her ability to succeed educationally and socially.

Camp advances Exploration by embracing opportunities to try new things, make new friends, and contribute positively to the community as a whole.

Camp cultivates Respect and provides a chance to impact the entire camp community in a positive way, demonstrating respect for oneself, others, and the institution of camp.

Camp is meaningful for Building Relationships, the connections and friendships made each summer, the longevity and intertwining memories with camp friends, the opportunity to flourish and to practice self-discovery, to feel comradery and acceptance, and to be a part of a cultural melting pot.

Camp is a place where Disconnecting from Technology helps each person to experience life naturally focusing on person to person contact and communication.

Camp means Learning “Hard” Skills of shooting a bow and arrow, throwing a clay pot, tacking and jibing in a sailing race, smashing a serve in tennis or speaking a part in a drama production.

Camp encourages the Practice of “Soft Skills” like working on a team, being cooperative and displaying strong leadership; developing flexibility and an ability to adapt to different situations; occasions to communicate effectively and be a good listener;  problem-solving and resourcefulness; accepting feedback gracefully; increasing confidence and self-assurance; and, creative thinking by coming up with unique solutions or alternatives to problems.

The Cape Cod Sea Camps’ Bumper sticker not only announces your support for our organization but it definitely “means something”.  It is a sticker for a Meaningful Life Experience.  

I encourage your connection to Cape Cod Sea Camps and if you have friends or family members who may be interested in our programs, please let us know.  And remember if you would like a “meaningful” CCSC Bumper Sticker – just give us a call!!

From my council ring to yours, Nancy

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