Why is Cape Cod Sea Camps closing?

The decision to permanently close Cape Cod Sea Camps is heartbreaking for owners, our Board of Directors and our entire camping family. The changing dynamics of the global camping industry, combined with the unprecedented economic impact brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, left us with no other responsible choice.

We are proud of our 99-year history of providing campers from around the world with “Best Summers Ever,” and we sincerely thank our camper families and alumni for their friendship and support over the years.

When will Cape Cod Sea Camps close?

Cape Cod Sea Camps has been closed March 2020, and will not reopen in 2021. It’s important to note that this is not a bankruptcy. Cape Cod Sea Camps is moving forward with a planned closing.

Who made the decision to close Cape Cod Sea Camps?

After long discussions and a comprehensive analysis of our options, the difficult decision to close was made by the Delahanty Family and Board of Directors.

Will deposits and other tuition payments for 2020/2021 activities be refunded?

Yes. Anybody who has made deposits or tuition payments toward planned activities in 2020 and/or 2021 has already been refunded in full.

If for any reason your family has not received a refund, please take the following steps:

  1. Please review your payment information in CampMinder (for Camper Deposits) and/or CampBrain (for Group Deposits for facility rentals), and confirm that the account balances we have on file are accurate.
  2. If there are any discrepancies, please note them, and our team will be in contact with you.
  3. Once you have confirmed your account balances in CampMinder and CampBrain, Cape Cod Sea Camps will begin the process of refunding your deposits and/or tuition payments in full.

What are the plans for Cape Cod Sea Camps’ grounds and facilities?

We are currently exploring options for the future of our grounds and facilities. In the meantime, we will continue employing a small staff of employees to maintain the grounds. We are proud of the fact that our 120+ acres of pristine beachfront property have played host to so many friendships, memories and shared experiences over the last century.

May we purchase photos, plaques or other memorabilia to remember our Cape Cod Sea Camps experience?

Throughout our nearly century-long history, we’ve prided ourselves on providing campers with unforgettable summer experiences. We are committed to ensuring artifacts and other memories of Cape Cod Sea Camps are preserved with the families who want to keep them.

We recently held an online, silent auction available to the entire Cape Cod Sea Camps community to offer 99 years’ worth of plaques, trophies, signs, flags, publications and more.

Thanks to the passion and generosity of our community, the silent auction raised nearly $46,000 – 100% of which was donated to the Grant W. Koch Scholarship Fund to help children from Cape Cod realize their camping dreams.

May we visit the Cape Cop Sea Camps property?

Unfortunately, due to public health restrictions related to the COVID-19 crisis, we cannot allow groups to visit the property at this point. We are painfully cognizant of the desire to say a “proper farewell” to Cape Cod Sea Camps, and we will make every effort to make this possible in 2021.

Do you have any suggestions for similar camps in the area or across the country?

We are proud of our legacy in the diverse, endlessly interesting camp community. There are plenty of amazing options for you and your families.

Referral Agents
The list below are reputable referral agents with whom Cape Cod Sea Camps has worked over the years. Their services are free to families with the camps helping to support their mission.

Camp Directories
Additionally, camp directories can assist families in finding camps by type, location, size and other variables. We recommend the following resources.

Group Camping Sites
More summer camps are extending their seasons with spring and fall rental offerings. Those listed below are familiar with CCSC and may be able to help.

Some of our campers have already looked into or signed up with the following camps which have diverse programs and some have sailing; Laurel, Matoaka, Caribou, Nashoba North, Wyonogonic, Waziyatah, Kenwood-Evergreen, Cedar and Wingate-Kirkland (on the Cape). There is also a good listing of private camps at Camp Owners and Directors website that might help. All are high quality and ACA accredited.

For Day Camps and Programs in the area, you can contact Brewster Day Camp, Wingate-Kirkland, Camp Lyndon, Wellfleet Bay Audubon, Fair Acres, Cape Cod Academy, Chequesset Club, CC Museum of Natural History, Town Recreation Programs and Pleasant Bay Community Sailing. Other local programs will probably surface in coming months.

How can campers and families learn more?

We will post regular updates as they become available on both our website and on our social media platforms. We truly appreciate your patience, understanding and support as we work through this difficult process.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at campwono@gmail.com. You may also contact us via mail. Our primary contact information is listed below.

3057 Main Street,
Brewster, MA 02631
Phone 508-896-3451
FAX 508-896-8272

P.O. Box 1880
Brewster, MA 02631

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